C346 Designing a system

Market Research

Here are some requirements found from real CAR users!!

  • Air conditioning

  • Backup cam

  • Adaptive suspension

  • Auto-pilot

  • Self-healing

  • Twin-Turbo 600 HP

  • 3 Wheel

  • All wheel drive

  • heated seats

  • 4 doors

C346 CAR Description

Elements of description

  • Name: Concept Three

  • Who will buy our car: High-earners that want a comfortable, but impressive vehicle.

  • Why buy our car: It’s fast, luxurious, smart, and cheap to repair!.

  • Other similar cars: Upscale Teslas such as the Model X Performance or the Model S Performance.

Final copy

The C346 Auto Group will produce the Concept Three, a high-class luxury sedan that competes with cars such as the Tesla Model S Performance. The Concept Three additionally features self-healing mechanics, saving the customer money over the total ownership of the vehicle, and does not require obscenely long charging times like any of the Tesla offerings.


See character sheet!

  • Wealthy Performer

  • Generic Businessman

  • Pollo Mom

  • Startup Tech Executive

  • Grandmother Spending Her Estate before her bratty family get the money


Tech executive drives car hard, wants text messages to let him know the health of the self-healing vehicle.

Pollo Mom needs to haul the horse trailer, and wants a martini in the back seat while Jeeves drives the family to the meet.

Generic Businessman drives to work and wants to know if his stock price bets have paid his car loan off, or if he needs to slog through the rush hour. What is the traffic, anyway?

Wealthy performer wants to know where his car is after being valeted. The last car got wrecked when the valet kid thought it’d be a good idea to go on a joy ride. Why can’t these valets know how to drive a car!?

Grandmother wants a dependable and safe vehicle to drive to church from the nursing home that will cost enough to prevent Jared from getting her hard-earned money.