We are going to go through a sample planning session today.

  1. Form in-class groups of 3-5 people and select a scribe to work with a Google sheet (they will need a Google account to do this).

  2. Go to this Google Sheet and select File>Make a Copy

  3. Talk amongst your group and figure out what each user story description means taking the notes for the story into account.

  4. Some stories are not detailed enough. If a story can be broken into smaller detailed parts, do so.

  5. If a story has dependencies on other technical tasks, add a story to show this in the form of "As a developer, I need to implement (X) in order to support (feature asked for)."

    • Dependencies can be research tasks.

    • Dependencies can be infrastructure tasks such as installing services, provisioning servers, or any other related items

    • Dependencies can be technical tasks like designing database schema or implementing a data access layer

  6. Some stories may be incomplete or duplicated, the developer notes column is here for this purpose. Mark any story you feel as irrelevant with a reason.

  7. Come to a consensus among your group members on what each story is worth in story points.

    • Since we don’t have physical planning poker cards, either:

      • find a smart phone app to rate the stories.

      • use your fingers.

    • You should use the numbering system: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100.

  8. Sign your group’s names on the sheet somewhere prominent so you can get a grade for this exercise.

  9. With the group signatures, come to a consensus on how many story points you think your group can get done in a two-week sprint and record that velocity number and a brief sentence explaining why with your group information.

  10. Save the file using File>Download As>PDF. Export the document and send it via email to me at cwsexton@ius.edu