Each member sholud have a part in this presentation. It may be informal and does not need to include slides (they’re fine if you want to make some). The presentation should include:

  1. Description of your project

    • We have all been busy during this semester so please describe your project and why you chose it.

  2. Demo of your project

    • Show us what your project does!

  3. Description/demo of your testing effort

    • Describe how you chose the tests you’ve chosen, what tests you left out, and how you are testing.

  4. Description of your project management

    • Show your project management document’s final edit.

    • Make sure you review what information is supposed to be included!

  5. Description/demo of your documentation

    • If you have documentation resources generated as HTML, please show them off.

  6. Discuss of what you have learned from the project

    • This is open ended. Each project was supposed to flex some unknown area of development for each group, so tell us about it.

    • How does this new knowledge help you as a developer going forward?

    • Do you have future ideas for this or other projects that you would like to work on?

  7. Discuss what you would have done differently

    • Everybody has regrets, let it all out.