For COVID Online classes, we cannot meet in person to show our projects. Please use Zoom as a group to present your software. You may use the record feature at the bottom of the Zoom window to record your presenatation. If you log in through IU’s Zoom at then you can record straight to the IU Kaltura cloud-hosted video site. Otherwise, you can record locally and upload it there or to another video hosting site. Please provide the link to your publically accessible (it may be unlisted) video in Canvas assignments.

Each member sholud have a part in this presentation. It may be informal and does not need to include slides (they’re fine if you want to make some). The presentation should include:

  1. Description of your project

    • We have all been busy during this semester so please describe your project and why you chose it.

  2. Demo of your project

    • Show us what your project does!

  3. Description/demo of your testing effort

    • Describe how you chose the tests you’ve chosen, what tests you left out, and how you are testing.

  4. Description of your project management

    • Show your project management document’s final edit.

    • Make sure you review what information is supposed to be included!

  5. Description/demo of your documentation

    • If you have documentation resources generated as HTML, please show them off.

  6. Discuss of what you have learned from the project

    • This is open ended. Each project was supposed to flex some unknown area of development for each group, so tell us about it.

    • How does this new knowledge help you as a developer going forward?

    • Do you have future ideas for this or other projects that you would like to work on?

  7. Discuss what you would have done differently

    • Everybody has regrets, let it all out.