For each group, please answer these questions,

What are:

  • three things you believe they did well

  • three piece of constructive criticism for aspects of the project

These questions will appear in the final quiz. Watch the videos ahead of time. You may write your answers to these questions down and copy/paste them into the test as they appear.


Scrumger Games: The Froggerithm

As machine learning has become more and more ubiquitous over recent years, it has come to play a greater and greater role in our lives. From the social media posts we see, to the systems that monitor bank accounts for financial fraud, this technology plays an important role in many of the technological systems of the day. This project has no such high-minded goals, however. Our algorithm will learn to do one thing, and one thing only.

Play Frogger.

This project will seek to recreate the classic arcade game Frogger, and then build a machine learning AI to play it through the use of a genetic training algorithm and neural network. The game and the AI will be built in Python, using Pygame and the NEAT-python library.

Binary Bachelors: The Legend of Zordo

The Legend of Zordo is a 2d action-adventure game with exciting adventure, terrifying enemies, and rad magical and combo abilities. Level up your character Zordo and gain new moves to save the world from Emperor Gambledufus.The project is made in C++ with the SDL libraries.

Coffee Capo Games: Arachnivania

Arachnivania is a 2D Metroidvania. You play as Widower, a spider warrior trying to protect his burrow from the menacing Wasps. In the process you will discover new ways to fight and avoid enemies while trying to protect your family and burrow.

Koi B Analytics: NBA Stat Track

NBA Stat Track is an analytics program made using Python with connections to a database through Digital Ocean. Database management reviewed through DataGrip. All GUI created usign Kivy


DSAVY (dee-savvy) stands for Data Structures and Algorithms Visually. This is a web application that allows users to interact with chosen data structures and algorithms visually by manipulating their values.

Users are able to select from an assorment of data structures they want to see represented. After a selection is made, the user can play with the data structure to better understand how it works. DSAVY allows users to input thier own values for the data structures and even maniplulate when data is inserted, sorted, and deleted according to the data structure.

Bernie’s Mitttens: Pro-Vax

Pro-Vax is a web app that notifies users of their eligibility for a Covid-19 vaccination and shows the closest available vaccination center. Future features may include symptom trackers and notifications regarding mutant strains and virus surges in the user’s area.