We’re in the home stretch. The best part of agile development is that every sprint is the same set of actions. Choose a list of goals set in your planning documentation/system. Choose a set of those items to commit to and finish before the sprint’s end. Be sure to update your planning document with more tasks as you go.

What to do

  1. Export all documentation to the /doc directory. If you have good API/commented documentation, you should be able to automatically create a tree of HTML pages and store them in a subdirectory. If not, write extensive documentation about how the system works, how the code interacts, and how to use the software.

  2. Write a document detailing your experience with this project. Store it in /docs/projectreflections.md. Be sure every member of the group provides some input into the document and discuss each type of task you have done in some level of detail.


  1. A marked set of tasks to be finished in this sprint in GH projects.

  2. Delivered code that meets those tasks

  3. Documentation exported to /doc

  4. A document, /doc/projectreflections.md explaining patterns seen in your project or that you will/have added.

  5. A docs/sprint4.md document containing the minutes of your sprint ceremonies - TO BE DONE EARLY IN WEEK.


Out of 20:

  • (-[0,5]) Any outstanding issues from previous sprints are worth up to 5 points (25%!) off regardless of current cumulative score. You must fix outstanding issues.

  • (-[0,5]) Misuse of git or other tools

  • (-[0,5]) Any single group member not participating

  • (4) Documentation

    • (2) Documentation exists

    • (2) has a reasonable amount of information

  • (4) Reflections

    • (1) doc/projectreflections.md exists

    • (2) has a reasonable amount of information

    • (1) is formatted in markdown

  • (4) Github Projects is up to date

    • (8) Work towards the items changed in Github Projects has been accomplished.

    • (4) There should be a reasonable amount of code written

    • (4) The pull request system has been used