This sprint, we will focus on testing. Just as in previous sprints, you should have a list of goals set in your planning documentation/system. Choose a set of those items to commit to and finish before the sprint’s end.

What to do

  1. Select tasks to work on and GET SOME CODE LAID DOWN!

  2. I will be checking for testing code in this sprint. Provide a /doc/ document that details how you are testing your code and what I should expect when I look at your testing code.


  1. A marked set of tasks to be finished in this sprint.

  2. Delivered code that meets those tasks

  3. A document, /doc/ explaining the testing effort seen in your project or that you will/have added.

  4. A docs/ document containing the minutes of your sprint ceremonies - TO BE DONE EARLY IN WEEK.


Out of 20:

  • (-[0,5]) Any outstanding issues from previous sprints are worth up to 5 points (25%!) off regardless of current cumulative score. You must fix outstanding issues.

  • (-[0,5]) Misuse of git or other tools

  • (-[0,5]) Any single group member not participating

  • (8) Testing document

    • (2) doc/ exists

    • (2) has a reasonable amount of information

    • (2) there is testing code in the repository matching the document

    • (2) is formatted in markdown

  • (4) Github Projects is up to date

  • (8) Work towards the items changed in Github Projects has been accomplished.

    • (4) There should be a reasonable amount of code written

    • (4) The pull request system has been used