Your goal for this sprint is to expand on your prototype. You should have a list of goals set in your planning documentation/system. Choose a set of those items to commit to and finish before the sprint’s end.


  1. Create a new document that describes the architecture of your project. Store this file in /doc/ with Markdown formatting and include any external resources necessary. For example:

    • Are you writing a game? Record how the various components/objects in your system will interact.

      • Note: this can help you figure out how you will test those components if you can separate them from the game loop.

    • Are you writing a website? Record a sample database schema, diagram of how the MVC components interact, or sequence diagram of the actions that happen with the website.

      Make liberal use of diagramming utilities to accomplish this task. If you can not easily create 10 diagrams detailing aspects of your application, you have not thought your application out. There is not a requirement to have perfect UML structures, but UML utilities may aid in this task. is a great resource for creating professional diagrams. The free version can export images.


  1. You should continue to create a detailed plan recorded in your work management system. There should be a recorded history of your finished tasks. Do not delete things when they are done. Mark them as accomplished!

  2. You should create stubs of every single item that you have diagrammed in the planning phase. If you have a class diagram, then you should have skeleton code that implements that interface. If you have a database schema, then you should have database scripts that create that schema. These things do not need to function, but must exist.

  3. You should expand your prototype and begin writing some actual code that you expect to work towards your goal. This should match your Github Projects documentation.


  1. A marked set of tasks to be finished in this sprint

    • A set of the tasks finished last sprint and the ones you are creating for this sprint in your GitHub Projects tab

  2. A docs/ document containing the minutes of your sprint ceremonies - TO BE DONE EARLY IN WEEK.

  3. Delivered code that meets those tasks

  4. New architecture planning documentation

  5. Responses and fixes to issues posted in your GitHub repository


Out of 20:

  • (-[0,5]) Any outstanding issues from previous sprints are worth up to 5 points (25%!) off regardless of current cumulative score. You must fix outstanding issues.

  • (-[0,5]) Misuse of git or other tools

  • (-[0,5]) Any single group member not participating

  • (8) Architecture document

    • (1) doc/ exists

    • (4) has a reasonable amount of information

    • (1) is formatted in markdown

    • (2) SAD diagrams exist within the document

  • (4) GitHub Projects is up to date and ceremony document is complete.

  • (8) Work towards the items changed in Github Projects has been accomplished.

    • (4) There should be a reasonable amount of code written

    • (4) The pull request system has been used properly